About Us

CCDC is one of Ohio’s most active certified development companies.

Since 1981, we have helped small businesses obtain financing for growth and expansion.

Certified by the Small Business Administration, CCDC links borrowers with the best lending resources. This helps give small businesses the advantage in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Through our long-standing partnerships with lenders, we’re committed to providing:

  • Low down payments
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Long-term financing
  • Economic development opportunities

Our process helps foster strong relationships between business owners and lenders. Together with our network of lending partners, we’ve helped support small business companies and the communities they serve for more than 30 years.

  • More than $330 million in loans to over 1,300 small businesses
  • Over 11,000+ jobs created
  • Millions of dollars pumped into Ohio’s economy

Expertise and efficiency make the difference

CCDC handles all of the details—from the application through loan review and
financing. Our focus on responsiveness and superior service keeps the approval process moving quickly. In business, time is money, and our goal is to help secure financing as promptly as possible so that your project acquisition or construction can begin.

Our History

Our Organization

  • Private, not-for-profit certified development company established in 1981
  • One of the largest certified development companies in Ohio
  • Highly knowledgeable staff that has approved more than $330 million in loans to over 1,300 businesses, creating more than 11,000 jobs and pumped millions of dollars into Ohio’s economy

Our Objectives

  • To help businesses grow and prosper
  • To be the preferred partner of banks and other lending institutions
  • To boost small-business growth potential.
  • To help increase job opportunities in the community and the state of Ohio

Our Commitment

  • CCDC’s team of lending professionals has the experience and expertise to execute a financing package that meets the unique needs of individual businesses.
  • We’ll be with you every step of the way to educate and inform you as your plan is implemented.
  • Our full-service approach makes the process easy and efficient.