Does your business need support amid the COVID-19 crisis?

CCDC is here to provide you all the resources you and your business need.

For SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) assistance:

Application for a disaster assistance loan is now available to Ohio businesses effected by the COVID-19 crisis. Through the SBA, businesses can apply for up to $2.0 million of loan funds to support cash flow. Terms available under this program are up to 30 years and interest rates as low as 3.75%, for business without credit elsewhere.

Before you go on-line, know that in order to make application, you will need to complete the below forms first.  Given the sensitive nature of the information contained in these governmental forms, you will need to take the following steps.  First download the form, complete the necessary information, print the form, and then scan and save the form with a new name.  You will need to do this process for each form. 

The Three Step Process for Disaster Loans

SBA Form 5 Disaster Business Loan Application

SBA Form 413 / Personal Financial Statement

Schedule of Liabilities

IRS 4506 – T / Tax Verification

Last step: click here to submit your online application directly to SBA.

FAQ About SBA Disaster Loan Assistance

For Existing CCDC Borrowers
Requesting Payment Deferment:

Borrowers are eligible for payment deferrals (either complete or partial payment amounts). As part of the deferment, CCDC will negotiate a payment catch up phase.

CCDC Borrowers will need to provide:

A written statement requesting the deferment (e-mail acceptable). Statement will need to include:

• reason deferment is necessary ( business closed by Governor due to Coronaviris or reduction in revenue due to Coronaviris )

• what type of deferment is requested (full or partial payment)

2019 year-end financial statement or tax return (balance sheet and income statement), showing that business was successful prior to crisis.

FAQ About Payment Deferrals on SBA 504 Loans

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